Thursday, July 9, 2015

Jungle River Road: Crossing the Río de Pasión in Sayaxché, Guatemala

As we approach a total of 5000 miles of driving, most of which are coming from our ventures through México, Guatemala, and Belize, we have mastered the art of navigating around bumps in the road…literally. Since crossing the border on the first of June, we have seen everything from potholes and hundreds of topes, to roads washed away by landslides, to straight cliffside drop-offs devoid of any sort of guardrail or safety precaution. Driving through Guatemala on the way to Belize, we were faced a new obstacle.
Waiting for the ferry at the Río de Pasión waterfront.
We snaked around the streets of Sayaxché, a town in central Guatemala, and suddenly there was no road. Instead, a line of traffic awaited a small barge carrying a full load of cars, trucks, and people to cross the Río de Pasión and unload so they could board and continue on their way. The GoPro video above shows our ride through the town, with a brief, yet imperative pit stop, and our experience riding on the ferry across the river.


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