Project Information

The Palenque Pool Project is an excavation run by Dr. Kirk French, an archaeologist in the Department of Anthropology at Penn State University. Funding is provided by Penn State's Hamer Center for Community Design and the Department of Anthropology, and National Geographic's Waitt Foundation Grant Program. The goal of the project is to investigate the largely unknown settlement chronology and hydraulic systems of Palenque. This center is one of the most famous in the Maya Lowlands because of its illustrious art and architecture, as well as the intricate water management systems that run under and through the site. The pool is located in the Picota Group of the site, which many Maya archaeologists believe could be the original settlement of Palenque based on the dates of ceramics found in the area. On top of excavation, the team will assess the cost of preserving and consolidating the Picota aqueduct, located adjacent to the pool. Despite its many magnificent structures and artwork, much of the history of Palenque is still not fully understood. The Palenque Pool Project could prove to be a major step forward in understanding this renowned Maya center.

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